If one made a calculation simply based on the list of Ron Holland’s achievements, one might arrive at a lifespan of perhaps as much as 210 years. He has surely lived at least 3 lives worth of adventures, and accomplished at least 3 times more than one might expect of a mere mortal.


He has designed racing sailboats, super yachts, and some of the worlds most elegant power boats. His creations are among the world's best and most beautiful, and many are especially unusual and remarkable. Mirabella V, for instance, which launched in 2003, is still the largest single masted sailboat in the world. Its 290 foot mast will not fit under the span of any bridge in existence anywhere. And although Ron Holland is a yacht designer first and foremost, even if one was to ignore his design career, his professional open-ocean sailing race wins would still amount to a lifetime of championship quality achievement.


Ron Holland is a self-made man who dreamed big, and accomplished more. He became one of the worlds best yacht designers without ever attending a university, or even finishing high school. Very few men without a distinguished scholastic resumé have been invited to teach at university. Ron Holland was.


He is a genuine 'one-off', a multi-talented self starter who grew to be the best in his field. And yet, somehow, has managed to remain just as open, friendly, and welcoming as one could ever hope; something unusual in itself for a man who has shared his time with royalty and rock stars!


His real life story is as fascinating as fiction.




All The Oceans

The Ron Holland Story

A Memoir


Foreward by Rupert Murdoch

Includes over 200 photos, Illustrations, and ephemera

Hard Cover; 240 pages


“Ron Holland’s ‘All The Oceans’, is exciting from page one; it pulls the reader through the pages, cheering Ron on all the way. An amazing life story from one of the world’s greatest yacht designers!”


Stuart Woods,
Author of 50 New York Times bestselling novels

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